Scholarship advertisement: PhD and Postdoc Research Fellowships in Intercultural History of Christianity

The stipulated length of the positions is 3 years.

Profile: The research project analyses negotiation processes between various Lutheran churches and other stakeholders in education and health care with a focus on values and loyalties from 1919 to 1970. In its polycentric approach, it starts with the period after World War I, when the concept of “European civilization” was shaken and new projects were initiated. The period ends with decolonisationafter World War II, the consequences of which were for the first time seriously discussed at the LWF Assembly in Evian (July 1970). How did Lutherans in different contexts (re-)construct their values in these changing circumstances? How did they negotiate them with political, ecclesial and other stakeholders? How did they deal with competing loyalties? The project examines these discourses in South Africa, Madagascar, China, Norway and Germany–countries connected by Lutheran educational and health care work. It examines how Lutherans related to processes of decolonization and constructs of “modernity” and analyses the vast spectrum of positions between adaption, selfassertion, emancipation and resistance. A focus on loyalties, competing loyalties and indeed transloyaltiescan help to throw new light on these processes.
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Joar Haga: Joar.Haga@vid.vo

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