About the Norwegian Historical Association

The Norwegian Historical Association (Den norske historiske forening – HIFO) organises historians in Norway with the aim to promote historical research, encourage the teaching of history at all levels and strengthen the position of the discipline in the Norwegian society. HIFO is a vocal contributor to public debate pertaining to these areas.

Founded in 1869, the Norwegian Historical Association is run by an elected, all-volunteer board. Dedicated sub-units serve the interests of history teachers and independent researchers, while local branches all over Norway help maintain close ties to local institutions and the general public.

Main tasks of The Norwegian Historical Association include:

  • Ensure that the Annual meeting (Norske historiedager) is arranged through co-operation between the board and a local branch and/or a higher education institution.
  • Help local branches organise internal seminars as well as local community outreach initiatives.
  • Offer post-qualifying courses to history teachers.
  • One of Norway’s longest running scientific journal, Historisk tidsskrift, is published under the auspices of the Association.
  • A quadrennial journal on current affairs of the discipline, Historikeren, is distributed to all members and a number of subscribers.
  • The Association represents Norwegian historians at the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICSH/CISH), the committee for the Nordic History conferences, and other international bodies such as the Network for Education and Academic Rights (NEAR) and Network of Concerned Historians (NCH).
  • The Association is represented in the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions, the body of history institutions [Nasjonalt fagråd for historie].
  • The Association is a member of the Norwegian Federation of Cultural Heritage Organisations.

On membership:

The association accepts as members history graduates and teachers who hold a university level history degree. Others may be accepted as members by individual application to the board.

Our members include:

  • Historians employed by universities and colleges
  • History teachers
  • Historians in record offices, archives and museums
  • Historians employed in historical research projects
  • Historians in publishing houses, mass media, cultural administration etc.
  • Independent historians
  • Graduate students in history

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For further information, please contact the secretary:
E-mail: post@hifo.no

Postal address:

University of Bergen
Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion.
PO box 7805
5020 Bergen